It's on: Don't be lazy, it'll be crazy

It's not often you get the chance to attend your 20 year reunion so don't be getting shy at the last moment. Call old mates, drag them all along. The date is the same as ever, this Saturday, October 14. Kick-off time is 7.30pm. See you all there.


Do You Know Where Your Mates Are?

For a reunion to be a success, you need two ingredients:

1. As many of your classmates as possible.
2. Stacks of piss.

The reason we're tracking people down seven months prior to the big night is so we can ensure as many of your friends are there as is humanly possible.

Looking through the photographs that follow, I'm sure you'll be struck by how fresh-faced we were and, hopefully, also be curious as to how your classmates have fared in life.

For example, did you know that Peter Choi is now a fixture at the Crescent Head TAB, your school captain Andrew Kucharewicz can now out-drink Boris Yeltsin and Justin Melvey regularly fights off teenage groupies as a US soap star?

If you've gotten an email from us, we obviously have your contact details - but there are plenty of you we are still looking for - more than 100, in fact.

What follows are the names of people we are yet to get details for.

So please, if you know where anybody is - be it an old friend, a teacher, even a classmate who's not pictured and left in Year 10 or earlier - drop us a line and give us their contacts.

You might think seven months is a long ways off until you remember how quickly 20 years have gone.


Lost & Found: Allingham to Brenchley

Some of these pictures are bizarrely out of order - but it's the way the headshots appeared in the 1986 Annual.

Help us track down the Lost Boys - do you know where any of these fellas are?

Craig Allingham, Paul Amigdalos, Matthew Asbeck, Trevor Badelt, Michael Barrett, Richard Birbeck, David Blake, Dean Blundell, Michael Bowery or Anthony Brenchley?

Lost and Found: Camara to Coori

Do you know how to contact any of these gents?

Anthony Camara, John Calderazzo, Blake Cannavo, Edward Chen, Michael Choi, Michael Choong, Graham Cleary, Neil Coelho or Lionel Coombs?

Lost and Found: Cripps to Drevon

Do you know how to contact any of these likely lads?

Owen "Tommy" Cripps, Jeffrey Cutter, Laurence Dapra, Martin Dawson, Patrick Dell, Joe Di Paola or David Drevon?

Lost and Found: Ellam to Gallagher

Do you know how to contact any of these guys?

Jason Ellem, David Ellis, Paul Duggan, Anthony Ellison, Stephen Farthing, Jason Felice, Ben Fingleton, John Flynn, Edmund Foley, Jason Forbes or Denis Gallagher?

Lost and Found: Gerber to Hewitt

Do you know how to contact any of these dudes?

Michael Geraghty, David Gerber, Martin Gleeson, Sandy Gorez, John Guerreiro, Anthony Haberhauer, Jason Hamilton, George Harris, Justin Hatfield, Harry Hatzis, Stephen Hine, Rupert Holman, Zarand Horvath or Peter Hutchinson?

Lost and Found: Janusic to Karalis

Do you know how to contact any of these gentlemen?

Stephen Johnson, Lee Johnson, Stephen Judge, George Kaponay, Theo Karalis, Henry Kater, David Kelly, Richard Keyes, Adam Kiss, Marcus Lagudi or Scott Laney?

Lost and Found: Lawler to Metzl

Do you know how to contact any of these blokes?

Paul Lawler, Silver Lee, Greg Lewis, George Liacos, George Lillis, Michael London, Jimmy Lukito, Guy Mahony, Sergio Mantella, Peter Mastoris, Charles Mellick, Justin Melvey, Brendan Melvin or John Metzl?

Lost and Found: Moran to O'Regan

Do you know how to get in contact with any of these men?

Sean Murphy, Neafe Ziade, Carlos Ochagavia, Stephen O'Connor, Craig O'Donovan, John O'Grady or Michael O'Reagan?

Lost and Found: Papallo to Roberts

Do you know how to get in contact with any of these students?

Mark Papallo, John Pappas, Phillip Parker, Matthew Parry, David Penninton, Pete Phillips, Con Poulos, James Rheinberger, John Richardson, Neil Rickwood, David Roberts or Paul Roberts?

Lost and Found: Rosenthal to Stav

Do you know how to get in contact with any of these chaps?

Anthony Rosenthal, Paul Saffron, Rick Samimi, Joseph Santopietro, Geoffrey Seeto, Paul Serra, George Shizas, Peter Sidoti, Claudio, Simonella, Paris Spelson, Danny Spigone or James Stavrianos?

Lost and Found: Steyne to Zuzza

Do you know how to get in touch with any of the following geezers?

Craig Steyne, Richard Steyne, Adam Stibbard, Michael Taylor, Pasquale Tomasiello, David Vedamuthu, Colin Vedroumanios, Joseph Verre, Jason Wagner, Matthew Williams, Matthew Woodward, David Wright, Bill Wyllie, Chee-Yun Yaw, Neafe Ziade, Damian Zuvich or Peter Zuzza?


Welcome Waverlians: Let's Get it On

How's it going boys?

Welcome to your 20-year-reunion website and may it bring you a chuckle in the next few months before we get together.

Feel free to use this site to contact old friends, reminisce, sledge and most importantly, offer feedback on how you want the big night to pan out.

Among the more pressing issues that need to be debated are:

  • Cash bar or paid up front?
  • Finger food?
  • Partners or no partners?
  • Can we bash teachers if they turn up?

  • I have opinions on all these subjects, but I'll save them for later.

    So, spread the word, the details of the night are to your right.

    You have my solemn oath - this won't just be a bunch of knobs who you didn't talk to 20 years ago standing around telling you how much they earn.

    There'll be couches.

    I encourage you to post stories about where any of the 160 fruits we went to school with have ended up, send pictures and contact details and more pressingly... S.M.O.